Sebaceous Prominence Condition and Effective Treatment Options

Sebaceous Prominence is a skin condition that occurs only in men. These eruptions around the base of the penis or on the penis look like pimples. They are hard, white and harmless. This skin condition is called sebaceous prominence because the root of the condition is the sebaceous glands that are located in the epidermal layer of the skin. Sebaceous glands produce sebum or oil. They are also called oil glands.

Contrary to the belief that sebaceous prominence is a sexually transmitted disease, it actually is not. In fact, when left alone, these hard white eruptions do not cause any bother. There is also no need to treat the skin condition because it hardly causes any problem. However, men suffering from this condition tend to be touché about it and feel embarrassed. There needs to be a spread of awareness about the condition and a reassurance to both men and women that sebaceous prominence of completely harmless and not contagious.

Picking of these eruptions is not a good idea. Some men even try to shave the eruptions off the surface of the skin with razors. This is a very dangerous thing to do as the spots may be infected and cause further problems. Moreover, despite shaving, the eruptions keep reemerging on the skin. Repeated shaving is not only painful, but it can also have disastrous repercussions.

Sebaceous Prominence can occur at any age and once it occurs, it stays on. Ten-year-old boys as well as men over fifty have been diagnosed with this skin condition. There is no established relation between sebaceous prominence and the onset of puberty or sexual life.

Although these spots emerge out of sebaceous glands, they are not a form of acne. Therefore, acne remedies do not work on these eruptions. You can consult skin specialists in order to get rid of the problem. Trying self-medication, especially cutting or shaving is not recommended since the region is very sensitive. However, sebaceous prominence does not have a permanent cure.

At current moment, the known effective cure for sebaceous prominence is cosmetic surgery. Laser treatment using carbon dioxide lasers help in vaporizing the eruptions. The long-term effectiveness of the treatment is still under speculation. Laser is not a guarantee of complete eradication as the eruptions may grow back. The side effects of the treatment are also unknown. Doctors, however, discourage the use of such treatments and recommend accepting the condition with confidence.

Sebaceous Prominence Condition and Effective Treatment Options
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