Sebaceous Keratosis Skin Condition and Treatments

Sebaceous keratosis is dangerous looking growth on the skin that is actually harmless. They resemble warts on the skin. In some cases, the growth is flat on the skin while on many other cases, there is extra growth that resembles little tumors. Despite their appearance, sebaceous karatosis is nowhere close to being dangerous. They neither turn into cancer not affect the body in some other adverse way. Nevertheless, they are unsightly and may spread over large areas on the skin. However, they do not spread from one person to another. Infection may occur at the site of spots if the person scratches on it. Other than that, the risk of infection can also be safely eliminated.

The actual cause of sebaceous keratosis is unknown. It displays hereditary characteristics in a family although genetic influence has not been proved. The influence of sunlight on this condition is also not known. There is no age limit for this skin condition although older people have more incidence of it. hormonal changes in the body is supposed to be a cause for sebaceous keratosis as outbreak of the little spots has been noticed during pregnancy or hormone treatments for many people.

Main Treatment for Sebaceous Keratosis Skin Condition is surgery. Superficial treatments by application of ointments and creams have not proved effective on sebaceous keratosis. Procedures such as cryosurgey, electrocautery, electrodessication and shave excision are used to remove the growth from the skin. Most of the treatments involve using electricity to burn the growth.

The infestation of sebaceous keratosis can be curtailed by not scratching on it. The growth resembles as if something is stuck on the surface of the skin. The outer edges of the growth are not completely attached to the skin. This makes it look as if the growth can be peeled off the surface of the skin. However, touching or damaging the growth with finger nails can cause the infection to spread. People who suffer from sebaceous keratosis should not apply cosmetics or chemical products on the lesions.

The major risk with this kind of skin condition is that the growth on the skin resembles melanoma very closely. Melanoma is a type of cancer. Actual melanoma growth is sometimes mistaken for sebaceous keratosis. Therefore, any occurrence of eruptions on the skin needs medical investigation. Once the probability of melanoma is eliminated, you can stop bothering about the skin condition since it is completely harmless.

Sebaceous Keratosis Skin Condition and Treatments
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