Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment and Therapy

Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a condition that stems out of the sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are situated in the skin and are responsible for producing an oily substance called as sebum. Although sebaceous hyperplasia can occur anywhere on the body, face is the most susceptible to the condition. A majority of people who suffer from this condition have reported its incidence on the face.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is characterized by yellowish eruptions on the surface of the skin. These eruptions look like pustules and are basically harmless. They are found on the nose, cheeks and forehead. A person may be affected with a few eruptions over the skin or may have multiple eruptions. Although these eruptions look like acne, they are not. This is a different skin condition from acne.

Sebaceous hyperplasia is a curable condition, although treatment is not required due to the fact that these eruptions are benign. Nevertheless, scratching or breaking them open may cause the eruptions to be infected. You can consult a good dermatologist in order to get rid of them. Superficial application of creams and ointments may not be very effective on the skin condition. Laser treatment is a viable option.

Other treatments that are used to get rid of the condition are cauterization, photodynamic therapy, treatment using chemicals and shave excision. Whatever may be the kind of treatment, you should only get it done by a skilled and experienced doctor. Never try to cut or shave the eruptions yourself.

Oral medication containing isotretinoin has proven to be beneficial and effective in curing this condition. However, the major drawback of this treatment is that the eruptions could grow back after you stop taking the medicine. The medication should be taken only on the prescription of a dermatologist and as per the prescribed doses.

Since the eruptions on the skin resemble carcinoma growth, consultation with a dermatologist is very essential. In some cases, the doctor may suggest a biopsy based on the skin condition.

Several skin conditions like sebaceous hyperplasia are not dangerous to the body. However, the unsightly appearance that they produce on the skin is a blow on the confidence of people suffering from the. These eruptions can be left alone and they will not bother you. They will not turn cancerous or cause any other problem. Maintaining good skin hygiene will prevent infection. People who have these eruptions on the skin should learn to emotionally and psychologically deal with the condition and get on with their lives.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment and Therapy
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