Sebaceous Carcinoma Surgery Treatments and Theraphy

Sebaceous Carcinoma, is a deadly skin cancer that is aggressive and has a very high mortality rate. These cancer cells or the neoplasm develops in the regions, which are rich in sebaceous glands like the eyelids and face. Scalp, which is a rich sebaceous zone, is also a hot spot for the growth of these cancer cells. People above forty years of age are more susceptible to this cancer.

The onset of this deadly cancer occurs in the form of tiny purple or orange nodules. These nodules rapidly grow in size. Further, since the sebaceous glands are spread all over the body, it is difficult to trace the origin of the cancer cells. When diagnosing the cancer, the first step is to locate the root. Examinations have to be carried out of face, scalp, breasts, prostrate and lymph nodes. A biopsy is necessary to confirm whether the growth is malignant.

The occurrence of this Sebaceous Carcinoma cancer is usually found on the eyelids. The upper eyelids, eyebrow and caruncle are the regions around the eyes where the cancer occurs in a large number of patients. A tiny tumor that erupts on the eyelids can have cancerous repercussions. Many people tend to ignore the cancerous growth since it looks like a sty. Sebaceous carcinoma spreads into the lymph nodes and as a result, all the important organs of the body like lungs, bones, brain and liver are affected by the cancer cells. Therefore, any abnormal growth around the eye area should not be ignored. A specialist should be consulted regarding it immediately, since sebaceous carcinoma is very aggressive and spreads rapidly.

Mohs micrographic surgery is one of the methods of treating this cancer. This treatment involves peeling the skin layer by layer until cancerous cells are no longer present in the skin. In severe cases, when the cancer has spread to lymph nodes, a procedure called lymph node dissection needs to be performed. This procedure is for removing the lymph nodes completely. Radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells, which have spread to different parts of the body.

Sunlight is said to play an important role in causing this cancer. The dangerous ultraviolet radiation of the sun can trigger the growth of cancer cells. The incidence of cancer can further increase owing to a low immunity in the body. Another major cause for sebaceous carcinoma is exposure to harmful radiation for other health conditions.

Sebaceous Carcinoma Surgery Treatments and Theraphy
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