Infected Sebaceous Cyst Treatment with Antibiotic

Treatment of sebaceous cyst (or epidermal inclusion cysts) will largely depend upon whether they’re inflamed or infected. The cyst will not go away on its own , and would occasionally flare up thus causing pains and discomfort. Inflammation occurs when the cyst ruptures into the tissue, and only the cyst cavity is usually red.

To control the infection of sebaceous cyst, antibiotics will be required, in most, to cool off the pain & discomfort. Infected cysts should be very conservatively lanced and drained, and allowed to heal, but coverage with an antistaphylococcal oral antibiotic is helpful in most situations.

Although Infected Sebaceous Cysts may drain spontaneously, do take precaution that in uncommon cases, sebaceous cyst might evolve into subcutaneous abscess. If abscess has formed , then surgical removal of cyst is highly advised. In order to remove it entirely, your plastic surgeon will advise for a cosmetic surgical procedure , to remove the sebaceous cyst entirely. To avoid recurrence of sebaceous cyst, the surgeon will have to the entire cyst capsule.

Infected Sebaceous Cyst Treatment with Antibiotic
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