Effective Sebaceous Cyst Removal Technique

Sebaceous Cysts are caused on the skin’s outermost layer due to blockage of the glands with keratin. Sebaceous glands are located on all parts of the body except the palms and the soles. Therefore, cysts can occur on any part of our bodies. Some of the causes of cysts are skin trauma, damage to hair follicles, genetic disorders, and defective fetal development.

Generally, the sebaceous cysts rupture after a few days and do not require any additional treatment. However, if the cysts cause major inconvenience and soreness to the patient, then the cyst is treated with certain steroids and antibiotics. In addition, to the oral and topical medication, the patient may have to undergo a surgical process for sebaceous cyst removal when the cysts become infected. Surgical removal of the cysts entails removing the complete cyst and draining out all the contents within the cyst.

There are three methods of sebaceous cyst removal, traditional wide excision, minimal excision, and punch biopsy excision. The first method is adopted to remove internally ruptured cysts. These are the most efficient and effective cyst removal technique. Although, the probability of the recurrence of the cyst does not exist, this method leaves a scar on the affected area.

The minimal excision method is used to remove cysts that are not ruptured. Beneficial to remove larger cysts, this method of sebaceous cyst removal does not leave a scar on the operated area. However, there is a very high probability of the recurrence of the cyst and hence is not always the best method. After completing the excision, the physicians use carbon dioxide laser to vaporize the cyst. Known as clinical lancing, this is done to ensure that the scar left due to the cyst removal is minimal.

For cysts that are not infected but show signs of being inflamed, the doctors may inject corticosteroids inside the cyst. The cost of sebaceous cyst removal depends on the surgical procedure that is adopted. The surgical method to remove cyst is the most expensive method that is available to treat this skin condition.

Sebaceous cyst removal at home can be achieved by applying warm compresses or hot pads on the affected region. However, be sure to clean the area with an anti-bacterial soap to prevent an infection. Do not scratch or squeeze the cyst and use oil-free skin products to soothe the affected area. In addition, do not puncture the cyst as this may cause the infection to spread to other areas. For more severe conditions, it is recommended to visit a dermatologist for the right treatment.

Effective Sebaceous Cyst Removal Technique
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